Ontario high school union votes to return sports team

Ontario high schools are bringing back Extracurriculars after a long political protest by teachers that saw students go without clubs, sports teams and other after-school activities. The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation met Friday and decided political protests should stop.

“Substantial progress was made at the most recent meeting with government representatives…” a memo sent to members, and obtained by The Globe and Mail, said. “As a result of this progress, the provincial negotiators unanimously recommended the following motion to the Provincial Executive: ‘That the Provincial Executive recommend to members that we suspend our political actions related to extra-curricular and voluntary activities.’”

“We still maintain that voluntary activities are just that: voluntary,” continued Mr. Coran. “We encourage members to review recent information and decide if they are willing to return to participating in the activities we know they feel so passionately about.”

The OSSTF have been gathering with government officials for several weeks to correct this issue.